Friday, October 1, 2010

Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Located strategically on 27 acres of tropical greenery near Jalan PJS 7/5, the Taylor's Lakeside campus is surrounded by a revived 5.5 acre man-made lake, as well as a landscape of water plants, trees and flowering shrubs, and groundcover that provides a rich and stimulating natural environment in the neighbourhood.The phase 1 of the campus is nearing completion, leaving the commercial block yet to be fully operated soon in August.

The Lakeside campus uses the theme as Malaysia's State-of-the-Art Modern-Tropical University Campus and this awesome university is designed by NWKA Architect firm. with the simple design principle using horizontal and vertical concept as the structure layout, this campus however creates a comfortable and enjoyable university lifestyle within the busy Sunway city. As you notice , the three academic blocks enhances the rhythm design principle where the buildings are designed in such a way that they look similar yet distinguished by the level/floor of the observation platform. The 5.5 arch man-made lake gives the Taylorian a place to hang out besides it to rest their mind or come out with new idea. 

OneJaya Shopping Mall Kuching

    OneJaya Shopping Mall is a newly open 4-story commercial complex developed by Kenbest Sdn Bhd after the One TJ ICT shopping complex at Stutong in Kuching and it is set to be the forefront for a leisure lifestyle mall in East Malaysia. It has a modern design in architecture, OneJaya is dedicated to bring people living in the neighbourhoods in Jalan Song together to enjoy a whole-new experience of lifestyle in shopping. It provides an easy accessibility for the people to enter the mall and enjoy a better shopping experience, as it is located at a strategic location that allows shoppers to complete their shopping list under one roof. 

    OneJaya, a blue chip commercial property offering 230 strata-title retail units at affortable prices, ranging from 105 feet square to 500 feet square. Strategically situated on the bustling Jalan Song, this commercial complex is set to be an iconic landmark for the greter Tabuan Jaya-Tabuan Heights area, which is known for its high concentration of middle- to upper-income groups.

    The mall which occupies a total gross area of over 100,000 sq. ft is located strategically in the heart of Jalan Song, surrounded by coffee shops, shops, residential area and 'Taman Sahabat'.

When it was still under construction

Taman Sahabat

Tabuan height commercial zone

Monday, April 19, 2010

Toyota Vios 2010

The all new Toyota Vios 2010 is out now, with its more elegant design and performance, it must be your first to consider if you are planning to buy a new vehicle.

hmm... What is the different of this new Vios with its new logo ' new Vios Desirable' compared to the previous one . Well, lets check it out.

First,with the look of Vios which will certainly lure you, it has a new radiator grille which looks more stylish and ' class'. It has also new rear combination lamp and of course new alloy ring.

Next, lets talk about its comfort and convenience . With its combination leather seats, your driving experience and journey will be certainly better.It has also rear passengers flat floor which ease everyone n the car. Besides, likewise the others model, Vios has a GOA body that protect your head. Anti-jam protection window, Wow, new stuff. I also dont it is used for, but for sure it concerns about your safety measure.

With its VVT-I engine, there is no worry that your vehicle cant perform well on the road.. With RM 8+++++, you can own a new Vios. Have you booked yours?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


THe new Proton Exora costs Rm 7++++ for premium class if i am not mistaken. Ya, you will be amazed, that is what Proton says. But it is true that amazing, then we will have the Exora owners.

This colour , i think suits Exora the best!

and this is all new Exora Base line and it costs only RM58000. Of course, this model has less safety features, no ABS, no SRS airbags, no air-con on second raw. i think its only advantage is spacious.

Look quite terrible and ugly, the base line, no alloy rims.

Perodua Alza

THe new Perodua Alza has been launced!!! the new MPV is so stylish and sportiv compared to others. besides, the price ranges from RM 5++++ to RM 7++++ only. For detail, do visit your nearest Perodua showroom. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Personally, i think this colour suits the MPV the best, though others colours are beautiful-looking too.

THe inside feature of Alza. Do you know the premium class has audio system with USB and bluetooth features?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Santubong Resort

Recently, my family and i , aunt n uncle went to Santubong Kuching Resort 'to

celebrate Hari Raya'. I have not been there for quite a few years since i was in primary

school. not bad the chalet. But what made me feel exhausted is the distance between the

lobby, chalet and the beach.

Mount Santubong 'stands' still

THe entrance. Can't wait to discover the nature.

THe lobby is quite antique and comfortable. Did you notice that no air-conditioner is fixed, so environment friendly.Very "Sarawak'

THe balcony of our chalet.

I wonder if i could play golf. This is the Damai Golf Club area.

Looking at this photo, i think ' The road Not Taken'. But in this case, i will certainly go forward because the beach is nearby.

'Bunga Raya' ,the national flower.



Do you know what is this?

THe swimming pool, quite crowded. i am not interested at this. I prefer the natural, beach

Sunshine is always bright

This is the steep route to our chalet

夕阳无限好, 只是近黄昏。

can you guess what is this little, unsightly thing is? tell me at comment box
 Must continue to support me o!!!

haha , i was playing snooker. Just a beginner. not bad ya my post.


THe pathway to the beach. quite a distance.
thats all for my Raya holiday.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Damai Puri

I have been to Damai Puri recently. what a tremendous change at the resort, it becomes newer, better and more comfortable. it is really a good place for holiday. As i noticed,the amount of sand at the beach seems to be lesser. Does it imply some message for us?

You can feel the soul of nature

A relaxing moment at the beach

at the way back to home,an uninvited creature followed us. Can you guess what is it? A GIGANTIC SPIDER. What a Shock!!!

Kami Anak Malaysia